28 Aug 2011

Physics :)

-the best subject
-the hardest subject
-the cute teacher is teaching us
-we are wearing our batik sekolah uniform
-it is orange in color
-girls are wearing white school hijab
-boys are wearing their black slack
-a good student is sleeping while the teacher is teaching
-some of the students look so sleepy
-one boy student is looking outside the windows
-a girl is reading her favourite author's novel(s)
-one is drawing a picture of love besides me
-a boy with spectacles is playing with his fingers
-one girl is sleeping because this class make us so sleepy
-got ten students wearing their glasses
-one is 'bersila' on her chair, because she is bored and she wants to reduce her boredom
-we are in Physics class
-we are studying Physics with our teacher
-but I don't give my full attention to the teacher
-because I'm doing this freaking quotes
-we love PHYSICS <3

* hahaha . aku saja ja . ni aku buat time fizik hari khamis rituh . sumpah ngantok gila babooon -.-' that's why aku buad benda nih . sorry * aku taw grammar byk salah , tp aku bkn buad karangan pon xD saja ja . heheh , just enjjoy baca . apa apa pon . aku nk ckp yg ,


yg benar,
waniepaxa :)
Tolong likekan boleyh ? :)

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